We need you…

We are getting down to the wire at the Life Center. It is taking shape and we are anxious for each of you to have the chance to put at least a small mark on the project.

It is important that we all make personal investment in projects of this nature if at all possible. Many of you already have and we thank you for that. We need a group effort to bring the job home in time for our first scheduled event.

Over the next few days (Thursday through Saturday, and then on Monday) we will be applying paint to the surfaces of most of the building. Several have already come and primed the walls and ceiling so we are headed for the home stretch now.

We have broken up the painting process in a way that makes it easy for everyone to be involved. If you can give just a couple of hours, or even one, it would make a world of difference. All of our hours together will make the job easy and fun (those from the Four Tables group can make this your Service Table 🎨 or even the Grow Table 🀝 β€” if you work with someone new! πŸ˜€).

Thanks in advance for your help.
God Bless

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