We considered not having service tonight due to it being Halloween but, in the end, had decided to put it on the schedule anyway, knowing that Social Media gives us the ability to reach everyone easily.

In the ensuing days, several people raised concerns about not being at home, both with regards to property security and community visibility. With this in mind, we WILL NOT be having service tonight.

The Wideman Home Project

Bro. & Sis. Wideman have been blessed with a new home and they are busy renovating and preparing it for their upcoming move.

Because there is a lot of work to do, I would like to offer each of you the opportunity to render them some assistance. They do not need large crowds all at once 🙂 but if you are able to help out, please contact them and they will let you know what works best for their timeline.

I also want to say thanks to those who have already been there helping out. We appreciate all you’ve done.


Happy Thanksgiving! It’s just one day late! Trust that everyone had a good day, surrounded by your family (or geese, as some of our fellow congregants may prefer… just a little shoutout to Shell-Shocked Waterfowl. LOL).

Please note that this Wednesday Night we will be having Prayer Meeting from 7-8 PM. Keep our current prayer requests in mind and “pray, one for another.” The events this week at the Irving Refinery in Saint John (where Bro. Edgar regularly picks up his loads) serve to remind us of all the reasons why we literally call out the names of our brothers and sisters before the Lord each day. Thank God he hears and answers.

School will continue at the church this week while siding is installed on the Life Center.

This Sunday will be regular services with Youth Service moved ahead a week to the 21st of October.

The Housewarming for Saffron will be held on Super Sunday, October 28. Time will be announced soon.

Have a Blessed Week!