As a result of my misunderstanding of the plan for tomorrow, I sent out the preceding email and announcement and it can now be disregarded.

Sis. Tasha and Bro. Brendon have already confirmed their decorating and setup crews. If you are on one of those teams, Thank You very much. We appreciate your help and absolutely could not do it without you!

Banquet Setup Volunteers

Volunteers Needed at the Salisbury Baptist Gym at 12:15 PM Tomorrow…

Due to a previously scheduled event at the Gym, we are able to get in to setup and decorate only at noon on Saturday, just as we did last year.

We will need as many hands and feet as we can get for a little while as we set up the tables and chairs and other things necessary for the Banquet tomorrow evening. Your assistance is much needed and deeply appreciated.

Looking forward to a great time tomorrow night with many special guests. Thanks again for your help.

Prayer Request Update

Sadly, related to our earlier post from yesterday, as of 1 AM, TWELVE FAMILIES from the Morton’s church have lost their homes in this fire. Unimaginable…

We are a continent away from them and we have plenty of needs in our own communities, whether it be assisting with local food banks or feeding the homeless, things we have done, and will continue to do.

However, this is a special sort of case… one in which we have a sort of responsibility for those who are “of the household of faith”.

I am not sure exactly what we will be doing as of yet, but I would love for us to do something as a church family for our brother’s and sisters who are in particular need.

Please be in prayer regarding this and we will talk more…

Love y’all.
Pastor Hanscom

Urgent Prayer Request

While we are tempted to complain about the precipitation we are experiencing this weekend, please say a prayer for our friends in California today. Bro. Nathan Morton, who preached for us here a few years ago, pastors in Chico, right in the zone of what is being called the Camp Fire.

**You can find some pictures of it on IG by searching #campfire.

That fire has already burned literally hundreds of homes and some of their people had to be evacuated. It consumed 70,000 acres in its first 24 hours and was burning at an unbelievable rate.

I have included, below, a screenshot of a news story to give some context.