Annual Boardwalk Family Outing

As has been our custom for the last few years on the Super Sunday in August, we will be having our Annual Fun Day at the Boardwalk at Magnetic Hill. Pick up your bracelets on Sunday Morning.

Adult $20
Youth $15 (13-17)
Under 12 Free

CCA Parents

In the past few years we have had families purchase chairs for their students. The result of this policy has been multiple styles, colours and sizes.

As we move into our new facility this year, that practice will be discontinued. A decision will be made about appropriate seating for our new Learning Center and we will communicate with you in that regard if necessary.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sunday Morning Update

Good Morning!

The Aprils have not arrived yet. They have literally been driving all night. However, they should arrive in the next 30 minutes or so. Please pray that God gives them extra strength and a special blessing for working so hard to get here for our kids!

Kid’s Revival Service this morning WILL BE AS PLANNED at the Life Center. Kids can be dropped off starting at 10:10.
Breakfast will NOT be served this morning.
They will be ready for pickup at the end of our morning service.

See you in a minute…

Sunday Update

Sending out an update that may affect our services tomorrow…

Bro. April just called and their flight has been delayed by 4 hours or more, landing them in Bangor at 1:45 AM our time.
We are hoping they will still make it for the morning service, but if not, we will update you on what is taking place by 8:30 AM.
Please pray that God gives them travelling mercies as they make their way to us tonight.

Also, we will be doing Cafe at the Life Center following the evening service.
We will be serving Homemade Fries, Poutine, Curly Fries, Funnel Cakes, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Drinks.

SERVICE CHANGE – Wednesday Night

Good evening, folks.
Due to circumstances beyond their control, Bro. Weeks, Abbey and Carissa sat in their plane on the tarmac in Jacksonville, FL, for three hours this afternoon, after which their flight was cancelled. Because of this, they will not be arriving until after midnight on Wednesday which unfortunately means he won’t be able to preach Wednesday night.

This being the case, we will be having prayer meeting as was originally scheduled.


Sarah just sent us an update that she said I could share.

“The doctor was just in she believes it was a normal fainting episode with no serious causes. She wants me to follow up with my family doctor but she says she should be fine.”

Thank You, Jesus!