Saturday & Sunday, Reaching for Revival ’09

Another year of Reaching for Revival has both come and gone, but the messages and the memories of the incredible moves of the Holy Ghost and anointed preaching and worship will remain with us for years.

May we never forget the teaching of Saturday Night about “The Restorer”, preached from the book of Ruth! The effect of our worship on our world can NEVER be UNDERESTIMATED!

And today, “How Will It End for You?” took us to a whole new dimension as we were challenged to decide our response to both the end of time, and perhaps, even the end of our individual trials. The end brings out the best in some, and the worst in others. We must decide, which will it be for you?

Thank you to our visitors for coming to worship with us. Thank you Bro. Bass for being sensitive in the Holy Ghost and preaching to us the divinely inspired word of God. Also, thank you for your friendship to this church down through the years.

Friday Evening, Reaching for Revival ’09

WOW! What can be said except “God was in the House”?

There was a wonderful spirit of praise in the sanctuary and we were pleased to see a good number of visitors who came to enjoy the touch of the Holy Ghost and the ministry of Bro. Bass. They were not disappointed on either account!

Bro. Bass preached a wonderful message about “The Lion and the Lamb” from Revelation 5. As he worked his way through the first several chapters of Revelation, he inspired us to look beyond our current situation and to see the solution. So much of what happens to us is purely a matter of perspective. I could, of course, go on and on, but instead… you can just pick up the CD!

We are anticipating another great service tonight! If you’re around… we’d love to have you drop in for a visit! God Bless!

The Countdown is on…

Hey… it’s almost time. The countdown is on for Reaching for Revival 2009.

R4R 2009

Bro. & Sis. Bass will be arriving at the Moncton Airport at 9:45 PM. Pray that God grants them journey’s mercies and that they will arrive rested. Let’s pray a special prayer for him as he ministers to each one that will be visiting during our services.

As a note of special interest: Bro. Bass preached our very first Reaching for Revival in 1999. He preached again at our fifth Reaching for Revival in 2004, and here he is again for our 10th. I guess we know who’ll be back in 2014 if the Lord tarries…